Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lucky Rabbit Devblog is Go!

...Not that there's owt interesting to report at the moment - as always, drawing character sprites, menus and even background images is infinitely more interesting than actually working on the game script, hurhur. But hey, welcome to the Studio Super63 development blog!

Game progress is coming along pretty smoothly - currently working on the characters' alternative outfits, as lord knows writing is just too dull. Strangely, though I don't have much of an interest in fashion when it comes to actually buying clothes, drawing them is pretty fun - though they don't tend to look the same on the sprite as they did in those sparkly fashion mags I use for reference. *Sigh*. Maybe someday, eh?

I do quite like Rhett (the redhead)'s casual clothes, though. Why a non-fashion-conscious bookworm would be wearing skinny jeans and plaid is anyone's guess, but ah, otome-game logic. I pretty much just threw the other characters in T-shirts and hoodies, which work fine most of the time but does require a little suspension of disbelief when the boy you're dating turns up at the park in the middle of winter wearing short sleeves. Whoops!

Also been working on some backgrounds - it's a shame the earliest ones are so fugly, but I doubt I'm much better at drawing city streets than I was a year ago, to be honest.

Oh god I've been working on this an entire year it was only supposed to take like two weeks oh god~