Tuesday, 22 December 2009

~Proper Chrimbo~

Just a quickie this time - my computer's been out of commission for a few days with a broken power cord, and now the bloody touchpad isn't working properly. Oh, and I have about four assignments I should be working on over Christmas, hurhur. :B But here are the remaining character profiles:

While he's not exactly a hidden character, winning Beck shouldn't end up being as straightforward as it is with the other guys... but we shall see. He's a rather up-himself male model who works part-time at a trendy boutique in town, but could (read: will) end up doing a little something on the side...

Lamb totally isn't her real name, of course. Will you find it out over the course of the game? Probably not. I haven't thought of one yet.

One of the last characters I designed, I chucked Per in at the last minute to even up the number of guys and girls, and because the character roster apparently needed a shota. Even though I generally find the token jailbait boy in these games incredibly creepy. Eh, well. It's pretty refreshing writing a completely clueless character, though, so that's a plus...

And finally, Petime, one of the few characters I actually find relatively easy to write - mainly because her relatively eloquent manner of speech is rollicking good fun to write, eh wot! She'll probably end up having the most 'story' of all of the female characters, and most of her scenes are already written. Good show!


So yeah, that's the main cast done - there are a handful of side-characters too (mainly bosses / coworkers / fellow students at the various jobs and clubs the heroine can have), but these are the guys you'll need to impress - and palling up with your ladyfriends is often the only way to get to know certain boys, so there are a fair few girls in there for a reason!

I'd best be off before this faulty touchpad makes me throw my laptop out of the window, but lets just say there's a brand new (totally ripped off Tokimemo) system in the game now that I wasn't even really planning on sticking in there, so huzzah!

(...It's really not that interesting. D:)

(...Oh, and Merry Christmas!~)

Monday, 14 December 2009

More from the Roster

...*Chensterrain in two-posts-in-as-many-weeks shocker!*

Here are some more character profiles - figured I'd post four this time around, as I've already posted info on Shuppin and Dys elsewhere.

The obligatory school 'prince', and probably the default boy after Marius. Shuppin's Scottish, but I couldn't really make that obvious without putting a load of 'aye's and 'wee's into his dialogue, so you'll just have to imagine his lilting Scots brogue...

(Also, as with Marius, I've written most of this guy's events, so huzzah!)

Dys is meant to be the 'prettiest' of the female characters, but it doesn't really come across. Eh, well. I also meant to have more of the girls wear trousers as part of their uniform, but only Dys ended up with them, for whatever reason. Uh, I like how her hair came out, though!

One of the few characters I actually designed just for this game - Rhett was originally one of a nameless pair of redheaded twins in the story I created these characters for, and I figured I'd slap him in LRR! for want of any decent male characters... I like how the tallest guy(s) in the game is 6'2". The Lucky Rabbit cast are pygmies and loving it.

...Pygmies! ~ Lu is probably the most fun to write of all the female characters, so you'd think I'd have written more of her scenes, tbh.


In other news, I'm hard at work writing when I should be working, as always - hopefully, one of these days I'll be able to just force myself to sit down and write one of the routes, as each 'path' is only made up of a few events (not including dates), though each guy has multiple paths that can be played through simultaneously, so... yeah. :/ I've been pretty inspired lately, though - went to Glasgow the other day and managed to take some great pics of the fairground / Christmas market in-between dragging mates onto the carousel like the great womanchild I am, so hopefully they'll make decent references for the funfair scenes in the game.

Also, there are seasons now! Huzzah. No more standing in the park in short sleeves in the middle of winter!

More character profiles to come soon~

Monday, 7 December 2009

Here We Go Again~

...So apparently I'm only going to post here every once a month. Hmm.

To try and change that, I figure I should post some character profiles and actually make use of the pile of sprites I have lying around - this is pretty much the first time I've ever had a backlog of artwork to post anywhere, feels pretty good, tbh!

So hey, here we have the 'main' boy and girl of Lucky Rabbit Reflex!:

Whoop. Not much info, but eh, there's not gonna be a huge amount of story here - it's pretty hard to keep a coherent story going when the player can access some events in any order, to be honest. But hey, stats!

Speaking of stats, while I'm not having to worry about them a huge amount at the moment, it's going to take a helluva lot of balancing to get this thing working in the end - I've just finished coding one of the exam events that plays out at the end of each term (animations, woo~), and managed to accidentally have the heroine fail or scrape a pass at every exam she took, despite spending the entire time up to that point avoiding boys and dates and all that good stuff. I'd like the game to be at least semi-challenging, but being able to actually pass things the MC tries her hand at would be pretty good too, I reckon.

...That said, I've had a hard time figuring out how these things have worked in similar games. And by similar games, I pretty much just mean Tokimemo. And even then, things seem to work out pretty differently in each one of those - the only one I had played a decent amount of until recently was Girl's Side 1st Love Plus, where I'd pretty much resigned myself to failing every exam horrifically and landing a boy who'd settle for a girl without two brain cells to rub together (don't ever change, Madoka!), but I've been having a go at the new Tokimeki Memorial 4 recently, and, well... it's pretty damn easy on the exam front. Granted, I was hardly top of the class, but I managed to pass everything, and even パッチリ a few of 'em, which is much further than I got with the female edition. Then again, there was more you had to do in those games - buying clothes, Christmas presents, choosing answers from a completely random selection... good times. Not really liking 4 so far, to be honest - aside from ogling the ladies, there isn't really much to do: no best friends (who actually matter, anyway - the two guys who deign to talk to you every once in a while have no friendship meters, as far as I can tell, and you never get to actually read the afterschool conversations you have with them), no shopping / clothes (though again, you can go shopping, but I'm not entirely sure what effect most of the stuff you can buy actually has...), no buying presents for the Secret Santa... the list goes on. I'll be waiting for my Girl's Side 3, thank you very much.

I did think it was pretty funny how characters react to you in the girls' and boys' versions, though. The main heroine in the Tokimemo 4 is the epitome of moe-moe - squeaky, energetic, and fairly kind to you for no apparent reason. And then there's the Girl's Side heroes... who are basically just dicks.

Them Japanese girls, eh...

...Oh, and I actually managed to write a fair amount of scenes for once! Not scenes with a huge amount of importance to the game overall, but scenes nonetheless. It's far easier to write non-repeating events, really. Bloody dates. I never thought thinking up three interesting things you could do in a bakery would be so hard, to be honest.

More character profiles coming soon!
(And I apologise if that image ends up incredibly huge in the feed again - it looks perfectly small from here, but seems to like expanding for no good reason... *learns to actually code someday*)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Netballa', Shot Calla'

They see me pivotin', they hatin'

As usual, I'm hard at work creating artwork for the game rather than actually working on the script, but eh - the above should eventually be part of the game's intro 'movie', if I decide to actually make one. If I can't manage it with 'pan's and 'move's, I don't think I'll bother, tbqh.

The netball player is Merle Piepo, one of the first characters the player meets in the game and the heroine's default BFF, albeit a fairly bitchy one who clearly has aspirations on one of the dateable boys, oh my. She's also the captain of the netball team, and will be found dossing about around the court once I've actually got her scenes written, hurr. Of course, netball scenes require new sprites (ugh) and an actual knowledge of netball (to Wikipedia!), so these kinds of things always end up taking longer than I expect them to. But hey. If I can somehow bring the joy of netball to the world (oh god, I hated netball so much, seriously, all that standing still and spinning on the spot nonsense did my head in, I swear to god), it'll all be worth it...


In other news, I did actually manage to get some scenes written, mainly for Shuppin's (the quiet, emo-looking musician) path. Again, though I can possibly just about handle an acoustic guitar (coincidentally, Shuppin's instrument of choice, those young'uns and their newfangled electronic guitars be damned), I don't really know anything about music and have pretty much had to trawl Wikipedia for the few scenes where someone actually has to look like they know what they're talking about. Will it end up making any sense? Probably not. But eh, I figure they can talk about Fenders and humbuckers and plectrums every now and again and then get back to the whole 'hey, quiet guys with guitars are cool' thing. Maybe.

...Maybe. I've also been trying to give every character at least one sprite in the game - Shuppin's dad up there has about four, because drawing instruments is fun (and a real time-sink, ugh), and I've just finished watching K-On!, which might have contributed to the whole musical thing just a tad (not that there's much actual music in it. To be honest, as an avid moe-hater I'm not entirely sure why I actually watched it, but eh. The slice-of-life parts were nice. But I digress). There's also Shuppin's boss, who is pretty much just another foil for Shuppin, as he's pretty quiet at first and loud, obnoxious characters are much easier for me to write, hurhur.

It's also that time of the year again, when the travelling funfairs come crawling out of the woodwork and there are fireworks and candyfloss and toffee apples and all that good stuff, so I figured I'd code some date events centred around that. They should end up being pretty much the same as the ones in Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side; you choose which ride to go on with a boy, and maybe get a little boost of affection depending on the ride you chose. I've got the most difficult part (choppy animations! Woo) done already, so I should probably get around to actually writing the events themselves... but eh. It can wait. It's nearly Bonfire Night! Happy Halloween while we're at it, too - I went as a gangsta with bling and everything, cheapest costume ever. Ahh, festivities...

Next up, Chrimbo! I've got stock Christmassy music, and all. That, and a ballroom background / various sprites in formal dress ready and waiting, though I'm not sure whether I should use them for a Christmas party (à la Tokimemo) or for some kind of Leavers' Ball / Prom... choices, choices.

*Sigh*... All this work, and I've barely made any noticeable progress. Dating Sims are hard!~

(Fun as hell playing back through it all, though. It's like, it's an actual, playable game already... *warm fuzzies* albeit one with no ending or point. But still!)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lucky Rabbit Devblog is Go!

...Not that there's owt interesting to report at the moment - as always, drawing character sprites, menus and even background images is infinitely more interesting than actually working on the game script, hurhur. But hey, welcome to the Studio Super63 development blog!

Game progress is coming along pretty smoothly - currently working on the characters' alternative outfits, as lord knows writing is just too dull. Strangely, though I don't have much of an interest in fashion when it comes to actually buying clothes, drawing them is pretty fun - though they don't tend to look the same on the sprite as they did in those sparkly fashion mags I use for reference. *Sigh*. Maybe someday, eh?

I do quite like Rhett (the redhead)'s casual clothes, though. Why a non-fashion-conscious bookworm would be wearing skinny jeans and plaid is anyone's guess, but ah, otome-game logic. I pretty much just threw the other characters in T-shirts and hoodies, which work fine most of the time but does require a little suspension of disbelief when the boy you're dating turns up at the park in the middle of winter wearing short sleeves. Whoops!

Also been working on some backgrounds - it's a shame the earliest ones are so fugly, but I doubt I'm much better at drawing city streets than I was a year ago, to be honest.

Oh god I've been working on this an entire year it was only supposed to take like two weeks oh god~