Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Just a Quickie~

Another day wasted, ho hum. :/ I do have some snazzy new gameplay videos showing off some of the new features I mentioned last time, though, so that's something. It's pretty encouraging how far these videos have come since the last one I uploaded, too! (Though that was around nine months ago... how time flies~)

So, without further ado...

Clothing System

Look familiar? Hurhur :B I'm hoping to have some more clothes in there before the game is done, but there are quite a few different combinations to be getting on with already, and the game only lasts a year, so there aren't going to be a huge number of chances to go shopping anyway (unless the player forfeits going on dates... which is slightly besides the point, really).

Dating Marius

Once your relationship values with him are high enough, Marius will finally stop being so damn lazy and date the player someplace other than the arcade where he works. Each boy has a place they dislike, though, so be careful! Films the player can watch at the cinema are randomised. (I remember these events taking forever to write - the video cuts off early, but the responses to each of the nine possible films are pretty long, actually. Bloody dialogue, eh).

Dating Per

Little Per's grown on me a fair bit since I created him, to be honest. It takes a fair while before you can actually date him, but to make up for it, he pretty much already likes you and will follow you practically anywhere. He'll still lose relationship points if you drag him to places he doesn't like, though.

So there you have it - not insanely interesting, but I didn't want to spoil any CGs/ special events, so it's dates or bust, I'm afraid! Sound effects are also left out, as apparently my PC has issues actually recording sound and video at the same time...

Back to not working I go!~

Monday, 4 January 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy~

Happy New Year!!~ Can't believe it's 2010 already, gawd. To celebrate, have a Shuppin new year wallpaper I drew up when I should've been working, hurhur.

[800x600 ~ 1024 x 768 ~ 1280 x 800]

In other news, I've managed to actually get a decent amount done for once, mainly things I wasn't actually planning on putting into the game in the first place, but hey. It's generally feeling far more like a 'game' than a cut-down visual novel now, so that's something.

New features:
  • New shopping / clothing system - you can now actually earn money from each of the four in-game jobs (though not very much - life is hard in the Lucky Rabbit universe, it seems. Balanced gameplay is hard!), go shopping on weekends and put together outfits in four different styles.
  • To go with this, Nkem, manager of the fashion boutique Tide, posts an online blog once a month showing which types of clothing and colours are in style at the moment. Boys will now comment on these things before each date, and each boy has a specific style they particularly like. So... yeah.
  • New email system - characters can now send the player emails after various events. Isn't really very useful, but I liked that feature in other dating sims, and it saves me having to make an uninteresting event for every little bit of information I want to give the player, so it works out.
So yeah. Actually got a huge amount done for once! Unfortunately, I'll be out of commission for at least the next month or so - I'll be forcing myself to take a hiatus from development, as I have a crazy amount of work I should be doing for uni (translations and dissertations, oh god), and should probably, y'know, actually do some of it. Wish me luck~!

Image spaaaaam~ (sorry about that! I'll figure out how to post these things properly one of these days...)