Saturday, 27 March 2010

Still Alive!

...Wow. Where did February and March go, eh? I apologise for the blog hiatus - I've got about a week's breather and then it's right back into exam revision, but after that I'll hopefully graduate and have to go out into the real world have ample time to work on this baby, so yeah. Here's hoping!

I've actually made a fair bit of progress since January, though - the script so far comes in at slightly under 60,000 words, which isn't half bad, though as the game's a simulation you'll be seeing a fair bit less than that on a single playthrough. Still, replay value is always a good thing, right? I've also begun properly fleshing out all of the winnable boys, writing paths, working likes and dislikes into events, and all that good stuff. Rhett in particular seems like a far more well-rounded character than he was originally, so hopefully people will find him interesting!

Oh, and I completely redesigned Beck's sprites. He didn't look a great deal like a male model before - maybe he's a little closer now?

...I guess he filled out a little. :B

Not much else to report - playing through the game so far, I realise I'm going to have to do a lot of stat-balancing once the events are all complete and coded in; at the moment, I've pretty much been making things up as I've gone along, but I'll have to actually sit down with a calculator and work things out by the time the game is nearing completion. TV Tropes was right. And here I thought I'd never need to use maths again...

*Obligatory 'sorry for linking TV Tropes, hope you enjoy the next five hours' comment*

I've also been vaguely thinking about character accents, and how to get those across in text. At the moment, I just haven't bothered - pretty much all of LRR!'s cast has some kind of non-RP English / British accent (while the game's setting is fictional, it's meant to be somewhere vaguely in the north of England, as that's where I'm from and it excuses any Northernisms I may slip into the text accidentally, hurhur), but unless I want everyone sounding like Hagrid I don't think I'm going to be able to get their accents across in writing. Which is a shame, really, as Shuppin is meant to have a sexy Scottish twang, but you'd never know unless ah decided tae have him speakin' like this, mah wee bairnies. Oh, aye.

...Yeah, it's probably for the best.

Image time!