Friday, 5 August 2011

Fanart Contest!

Want a shot at winning a free copy of Lucky Rabbit Reflex? I'll be holding a fanart contest between now and the 19th of August, with all entrants receiving a 15% discount and the winner(s) getting some free game goodness. If you're up for it, please send your entries to admin at luckyrabbitreflex dot com or send me a note to your entry over at deviantart. Be sure to check out the demo available over at the official site for references! Thank you~!


  1. Goddamn it. :( I figured. Not like I can hold a coding contest or anything ... I wouldn't feel right sending you stick figures for even the 15% so I'll just have to budget better in the future. I look forward to seeing the entries.

  2. Loved this game :D
    though iam wondering are you going to make any more of this kind of games? *hoping*
    cuz you really good at it :)

  3. I love this post and I was impressed too. This contest sounds interesting. Big thanks for sharing.

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