Sunday, 24 October 2010

Milestone Get!

...So clearly I'm completely incapable of updating this blog more than once every few months. :B Now that I'm working on Lucky Rabbit Reflex full time, however, I've been making far more progress than ever before, so huzzah! I've even managed to meet a couple of major milestones this month, so my dream of possibly maybe getting the game sort of release-able before Christmas might possibly come true. Maybe.

Firstly, the clothing system is now totally complete - above we have our heroine modelling a few of the items available in the game (though unfortunately, you won't be able to wear all of them at the same time - rest assured, though, the beach hat + rollerblades look is definitely possible :B), which come in at over 150 items of clothing and accessories spread over three different shops... La Dauphine here, which sells cute dresses and sensible outfits (writing some of the boys' responses to the cuter outfits ended up being pretty fun, actually - suffice it to say some of the guys don't really appreciate the heroine dressing like a twelve-year old. But hey!). I won't spoil the other shops (though to be honest, all of the other clothes menu screenshots I've been posting are from one of them, but eh :B), but they each have their individual shopkeepers who may or may not be familiar with the main cast.

There are also a few new styles, bringing the grand total to seven. Some of these can be created by combining two different styles. If only real life fashion were so simple, hur hur :B

Finally, and most importantly, all of the date events with the boys are now complete! Though I'd only planned on spending a few weeks writing them, as usual I completely underestimated the amount of writing a dating sim actually needs and the dates ended up taking up around half of the 109,000 word count, aughh. But hey, what's done is done! I'd say at this point, around 80% or so of the game is totally complete and playable, so it really is getting there.

Choose from one of the five date spots...

Dress to impress...

...and hope your date's as passionate about Pac-Man as you are.

...So yeah, mucho progress. Of course, now that I no longer have drawing endless items of clothing to distract myself, I'll actually have to get cracking on the writing I've been putting off... :B writing some of the more story-ish events has been pretty fun, though, so we'll see how it goes!

Also, thank you guys so much for the positive responses to the previous post - it's been really amazing getting feedback from everyone. I really want to make Lucky Rabbit Reflex as polished as I possibly can, so if anyone has any comments or critique, feel free to tear this thing apart! (...which will hopefully be easier once I actually post a demo, hoho).

(...Sometime in the next couple of months, maybe? :3)


  1. When is the open recruitment for beta testing? Since this is one huge software/application/game, of course you must've considered having quality-assurance and extra proofreading somewhere before release.

    I'd be very interested indeed.

  2. This is excellent news. It sounds like Lucky Rabbit Reflex could reflect its time in development. I'm looking forward to the next demo, and hopefully the (paid) final version.

    Fiohnel mentioned beta testing. I recommend making sure you find people who are willing and interested to test it. (I've heard that the makers of the Windows RPG Mount and Blade released their game to the public to let interested fans/potential buyers playtest it... but that might not be a good way to get positive press.)

  3. The scripting for the clothing combos must have taken you a lot of time. I'm glad you are still working on it. :D
    Did you do everything yourself?!

  4. I can't wait! I'm so excited and I'm looking forward to buying it and playing it. Keep up the good work please!! :D

  5. Your clothing system makes me squee.

    How did you program it? Is it like TMGS where each article of clothing has certain style points? 3 points punk, 5 points cute, if you have more than 10 points in one category, it's that style? Or did you manually list outfit combinations? (my god, I hope not!! xD)

  6. Whoops, forgot I was actually getting comments on this thing!

    @ Fiohnel and Taiyakifan: I'm not entirely sure when the beta testing for the game will start, though it's something I'm definitely thinking about. But don't worry, I wouldn't dream of releasing the game before thoroughly testing it! The right way to go about that, on the other hand... :/

    @ Aleema: Heh, it's not even as complicated as that, to be honest - only the tops and bottoms count towards the actual style of the outfit (the accessories are for stat-raising), so each item will be 'cute' or 'elegant' or whatever, and you can match them up accordingly. Not very complex, I'm afraid! (I would love to have a full TMGS-style system, though! Maybe not as complicated as TMGS3's, though, I still haven't figured out how that thing works... :/)

  7. Oooh, okay! Good. Simple is always better. And if you ever make a sequel (lulz) you can always expand on it. ;)

    TMGS3 Fashion: (That's everything I know about it ...)

  8. I'd love love love to beta this as well. I'm already planning on buying it :D

  9. I really hope you do an update on your twitter or on your blog so everyone can see how the game is doing. I check on it almost every week and there hasn't been an update in a long time. At least an update in which you say your not doing anything. I am so excited about this game.

  10. Really sorry about the lack of updates - I'm planning on updating the blog after I complete the next section of the game, which should hopefully be by the end of this week. (Thanks so much for your interest, though!)